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ТЕМА: Automotivedrivingbelt V Belt China is equipped with airbags

Automotivedrivingbelt V Belt China is equipped with airbags 13 март 2017 05:46 #1

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CVT Belt automotivedrivingbelt.com are used to protect the safety of drivers and passengers, which is believed that everyone is very clear. But there are still a lot of drivers in the driving process is not a seat belt, its attitude is "when the hand is in twist, when not easy to lose when." There are even individual private owners as a seat belt as a decoration, only met only in the case To the police when reluctantly, pretended to be about, the seat belt is the protection of life of God, in real life, some people are in the use of seat belts into the misunderstanding.

One of the misunderstandings: available

Seat belt has become a veritable "furnishings". In fact, this is entirely in their own life adventure. When the vehicle in the high-speed collision or emergency braking, the huge inertia will make the occupants and steering wheel, windshield and other secondary collision, resulting in serious damage to the occupants. The seat belt can be bound to people in the seat, and its buffer will absorb a lot of kinetic energy, greatly reduce the degree of damage to the occupants. However, due to the lag of the concept, many people are holding the chances, that traffic in the city, the speed will not be too high, so there is no chance to use a seat belt. In fact, when the car is only 40 kilometers per hour when the speed of the collision, the body forward power will be equivalent to throw from a four-story bag of 50 kilograms of heavy cement, the momentum can be imagined. So, the role of the seat belt at this time to show it.

There are some people think that the car is equipped with airbags, so there is no need to wear a seat belt. In fact, simply rely on airbags is also very dangerous. Because the airbag of the explosive force is very large, if there is no seat belt traction buffer and directly hit the outbreak of the airbag, the body will have serious damage. Therefore, the airbag is to be used in conjunction with the seat belt to play its "safe" role.

According to statistics, due to the Department of the seat belt in the traffic accident survived the occupants accounted for about 30%. In other words, a small V Belt China automotivedrivingbelt.com to save nearly one-third of the driver's life. So, you must not be too troublesome, little effort, may be able to keep a life. Apply a message that you all know: for your safety, please fasten your seat belt.
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