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ТЕМА: The completion of the cnsuperpower Log Splitter

The completion of the cnsuperpower Log Splitter 13 март 2017 06:04 #1

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(B) operating considerations

1. Place the throttle handle in the Lumber Jack Log Splitter damper position and lift the throttle handle to the end. If you are using a petrol pump with a pump, you need to press the pump unit three times.

2. Grasp the start of the handle, slowly pull back to the rope to feel the resistance, that is, quickly pull the rope. If not started, repeat the above action, until you see the muffler full of smoke, gasoline engine operations normally suspended.

3. After pulling the rope out, regardless of whether or not to launch, are prohibited to release the handle to take the initiative to retract, this will damage the starter. Should be hand-held handle, so that the starting rope within the random Rao organization slowly back in situ.

4. Push the throttle to the right position, you can start the job.

(C) the completion of the operation down notice

1. Throttle control handle to push the slow position, work two minutes later, and then pushed to stop the direction of the engine to turn off.

2. Unplug the spark plug line to avoid misleading the lawnmower.

After the use of the lawn transplant machine, it should be fully cleaned, and check all the screws are fastened, oil oil surface is in line with the provisions of the performance of the air filter is good, whether the defective blade and so on. But also according to the lawn mower's useful life, to strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts, and cyclical conservation.

1. Maintenance of the oil Before using the Log Splitter , check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale. 5 hours after the use of new machines should be replaced with oil, the use of 10 hours after the oil should be replaced again, after the instructions according to the requirements of the regular replacement of oil. Replace the oil should be in the engine in a heat state.
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